Property Valuatıon Servıces

for any kınd of property ın turkey!

Tapu Eksperi is a reputable property valuation and consulting company, which makes it easy, reliable and affordable for anyone to acquire appraisal services from certified valuers for any kind of real estate in Turkey.


Expertıse ın a Wıde Range Of PropertIes 

Tapu Eksperi provides valuation and appraisal services for both commercial and residential properties. Tapu Eksperi regularly values shopping malls, hotels, lands, warehouses, farms, factories, office buildings, residential buildings, apartments and villas.

With its nationwide team of certified valuers, Tapu Eksperi is able to provide high quality valuation services for any kind of property in Turkey, regardless of its location.

Relıable and Ethıcal

Tapu Eksperi is highly experienced in the valuation industry and is equipped with best technologies to provide the highest quality service. Tapu Eksperi only works with certified valuers who are independent and commit to the highest ethical standards.

Fast and Tech-savvy

Tapu Eksperi provides fast valuation services using advanced technology.

We usually complete the valuation process and send our clients the final valuation report within three business days following acceptance of offer.   


“We have acquired valuation services from Tapu Eksperi for our family investment near Side, Antalya. They are fast, highly competent and very responsive. It was a good experience.”

Ashley Kertz, Engineer / Australia

“Tapu Eksperi team provided me with the valuation report on a short notice. I submitted it to the court for an ongoing dispute over a real estate. They are professional and approachable.”

Hendrik Boogaard Credit Analyst / Belgium


"I have rented all my real estates I purchased in Istanbul many years ago and I requested rental fee fair value determination report for the purpose of determining the current rental values of my properties from Tapu Eksperi team. I have learned very quickly the rental fees in the current market conditions of my real estates, which I have rented with very low prices. A hard-working team that really does their work best."

Nina Jehle

When I was making one of the most important investments of my Life in Turkey, I never imagined that I could get an expert service so quickly and accurately. I offer my eternal gratitude to this team who is interested in my service privately.

Jacqueline Tillmann

After retired, we started looking for a villa to live in Alanya with my husband. With their expertise reports, they made us invest in the right real estate and make a substantial savings by recovering from the price confusion. I'm so glad I trusted the Tapu Eksperi.

Anna Semenova

I have contacted the Tapu Eksperi with the reference of my acquaintance living in Fethiye. I have obtained two expert reports from Tapu Eksperi. They answered patiently dozens of questions I Asked without exception. A trained and professional team with a good degree of foreign language knowledge.

Chriss  Chapman

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